Chiropractor in Council Bluffs, Neola, IA, Underwood, IA, Treynor, IA and Nearby Cities

Chiropractor in Underwood, Carter Lake, Treynor, Council Bluffs, Neola, and the Surrounding Areas

In many areas, seeing a chiropractor is still frowned upon and viewed as a pseudoscience. However, Iowa is the home of the founder of modern-day chiropractic care, and patients all over Carter Lake, Council Bluffs, Neola, Treynor, Underwood, and the surrounding areas have benefited from seeing a chiropractor. Today our team at Aligned Chiropractic helps hundreds of patients to live healthier, pain-free lives. Call us today and schedule your appointment with our chiropractor and experience the benefits.

History of Chiropractic

Modern chiropractic services really started in the United States with Daniel David Palmer in 1895. He started with a single patient that worked in the same building that Palmer had his office in. Three years later Palmer started a school for chiropractors that is now known as the Palmer School of Chiropractic. His son Bartlett Joshua Palmer took over the school in 1906 with the goal of expanding attendance and promoting chiropractic as a treatment option.

While chiropractic history was at some points volatile, it has since come into its own and is now widely used to help treat as well as to prevent joint issues in the body. Chiropractors focus mostly on treating problems related to the musculoskeletal system. Treatment typically involves manual therapy, often including spinal manipulation. Other forms of treatment, such as exercise and nutritional counseling, may be used as well.

What Chiropractors Do

Chiropractors approach therapy and treatment in much the same was as other doctors do. They interview the patient and obtain a detailed history of their health. Chiropractors also do an examination, perform certain tests, and developing a working diagnosis. From all of this they then develop a treatment/management plan, perform actions in connection to this plan, and evaluate the results of the treatment.

Because most chiropractors use manual manipulation, treatment is via physical means of stretching and sustained pressure on joints, or are done with quick yet gentle thrusts to realign the musculoskeletal system. Manipulations are most commonly done on the spine, but other parts of the body may also be treated in this way, especially the legs and arms.

While seemingly scary at first, chiropractors have a great knowledge of how the body operates and can readily explain what is going on with your body, as well as how they will correct the issue. Hundreds of patients in Carter Lake, Council Bluffs, Neola, Treynor, Underwood, and the surrounding areas can attest to the successful treatments from our team at Aligned Chiropractic. Call us today to learn more and schedule an appointment.